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In total 108 mistletoe preparations are available at Iscador Ltd as solutions for injection for the indication of adjuvant treatment of tumorous diseases.

Our products include:

  • ISCADOR M (Malus = apple tree)
  • ISCADOR A (Abies = fir tree)
  • ISCADOR P (Pinus = pine tree)
  • ISCADOR U c. Hg (Ulmus = elm tree)
  • ISCADOR Qu (Quercus = oak tree)

each in different strengths.

The approved drug information has been published on

Additionally, three watery mistletoe oral drops, a lichen preparation and, since autumn 2020, a cream based on liposoluble mistletoe ingredients are available:

  • Viscum Mali praeparatum
  • Viscum Pini praeparatum
  • Viscum Quercus praeparatum
  • Cetraria praeparata
  • Viscum album, Herba, Extractum resinosum 10%, Cream (Pharma code 7775205)

These are approved as anthroposophical medicines without indication.

All products are distributed through Swiss pharmaceutical wholesalers. Please contact our Infoline for medical professionals if you need more information about our preparations.

Dandelion seeds have collected on a young mistletoe

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