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General questions

How important is mistletoe therapy in the concept of integrative oncology?

Mistletoe therapy is an essential part of a holistic, i.e. integrative, cancer therapy. It is used additionally to conventional oncological treatment.

Complementary treatments like mistletoe therapy can accompany the traditional standard methods, such as surgery, chemo-, radio- and/or (anti-)hormone therapies, with the aim to improve the patient's quality of life.

Since when do mistletoe preparations exist?

Mistletoe preparations have been used in cancer therapy for over 100 years. Today, they are among the most prescribed herbal medicines in cancer medicine. More than half of all tumour patients in German-speaking countries use mistletoe therapy.

Is there any scientific evidence for mistletoe therapy?

Up to today, about 140 clinical studies have been conducted on the use of mistletoe therapy for different types of tumours.

Which active substances do mistletoes contain?

Mistletoes contain various active substances. Some, such as mistletoe lectins and viscotoxins, have been thoroughly studied regarding their effects on cancer therapy.

According to the current state of knowledge, the actual effect unfolds in the mistletoe extract as a whole, as the individual active substances mutually reinforce each other through their interaction.

Why do you produce mistletoe preparations from different host trees?

The host tree supplies the mistletoes with nutrients. This results in a different combination of active substances in the mistletoe, depending on the tree it grows on. Mistletoe extracts from different host trees are used to achieve an optimal effect with the highest tolerability possible, depending on the type of tumour.

What are the differences between the mistletoe preparations of the various producers?

They vary in the pharmaceutical processes used by the manufacturers and consequently in their composition. As a result, you cannot directly compare mistletoe preparations of different producers. When switching to another product, you need to proceed as if for a new setting.

Who can prescribe mistletoe preparations?

In Switzerland, only a medical professional can prescribe mistletoe preparations. In Germany, alternative practitioners are also allowed to prescribe and use mistletoe therapy.

It is important to see mistletoe therapy as a part of an integrative approach to cancer therapy. Therefore, it is always used additionally to conventional oncological treatment and not as a replacement.

Do health insurance companies reimburse the costs of mistletoe therapy?

In Switzerland, basic insurance covers the costs if a medical doctor prescribes the mistletoe preparation.

In Germany, health insurance companies generally reimburse the costs of mistletoe therapy for palliative treatments only. However, there are also companies who cover the costs as a service for their patients for up to one year - it is worth asking.

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