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Side effects

Are there any side effects?

Side effects are not excluded. However, significant adverse effects have rarely been observed under intended use. If the dosage is too high, so-called excessive local reactions with a diameter of more than 5 cm are possible. In this case, you should stop the treatment and consult your attending medical specialist. Only after the symptoms have subsided, you may continue with a reduced dose (next lower concentration). The same applies to strong general reactions such as an increase in body temperature over 38°C. In this case, you would have to review the further therapy plan with your specialist in charge as well.

How can I differentiate local reactions from side effects?

A slight reddening and possible itching at the injection site as well as a certain increase in body temperature are expected reactions. They indicate the activation of the immune system. Local redness at the subcutaneous injection site up to a maximum of 5 cm in diameter and a temperature increase to 38°C are considered "normal".

However, if the reactions exceed these values or you do not tolerate them, it is considered a side effect. In this case, stop the therapy und consult your attending medical specialist. The dose needs to be reduced once the symptoms have subsided.

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