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How are mistletoe preparations administered?

Mistletoe preparations are injected under the skin (subcutaneous) because when applied in the form of drops, the protein compounds contained in the extract can be digested via the gastrointestinal tract. The injection is similar to the injection of insulin. It can be carried out by the patient according to the doctor's instructions.

Which needle/cannula and which syringe is suitable for injection?

A cannula of 0.4 x 19 mm and a 2ml syringe have proven their worth. However, it is also possible to ask the therapist which cannula was used.

Is there an ideal time to start therapy?

Depending on the objective, mistletoe preparations can be administered at different times in a treatment concept and at different stages of the disease. In principle, however, the earlier you start, the better the effect. Thus, one starts as soon as possible after the diagnosis.

What injection frequency/intervals are recommended?

As a rule, mistletoe preparations are injected two to three times a week. An individual adjustment is made by the doctor. Especially in the first years of treatment, however, an injection rhythm of three times a week has proven its worth (e.g. Monday, Wednesday, Friday).

What are the characteristics of an effective dosage?

A reddening of the skin (also with hardening, itching, swelling or overheating) can occur up to a maximum of 5 cm in diameter around the injection site, or an increase in temperature to up to 38°C. Furthermore, an improvement in the general condition can be observed, which is accompanied by an increase in appetite and weight, a normalisation of sleep, a feeling of warmth and an enhanced performance, a lower susceptibility to infections, a brightening of the mood and an increase in courage to face life, in self-regulation and in the ability to take initiative. It is to be expected that the local reactions will weaken or disappear in the course of mistletoe therapy.

How long is a mistletoe preparation injected for?

Mistletoe therapy is continued as long as the tumour disease persists. In addition, it has also proved its worth to continue the therapy depending on the risk of relapse. In most cases, this means a continuation of the therapy for about five years from the time of diagnosis or after surgery or for a longer period of time (e.g. breast or colon carcinoma).

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