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All plants for our preparations grow in Switzerland, Germany and France. For their harvest and further processing, we focus on the highest pharmaceutical quality and sustainability.

Our production involves a lot of manual work, from harvesting to the selection of the plant parts and the packaging of the ampoules. Additionally, we use complex machines and production lines. All processes are subject to the strongest guidelines of Good Agriculture and Good Manufacturing Practice (GAP/GMP).

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Two substances are said to be most important for the mistletoe’s use in cancer therapy: Viscotoxins and mistletoe lectins. Their concentration in the plant varies according to its subspecies, its host tree and the season, especially in summer and winter. This explains why we harvest mistletoe twice a year, strictly separated by subspecies and host trees, and produce a fermented summer and winter extract each.

Those summer and winter extracts are mixed on a special machine at over 10,000 revelations per minute, resulting in final preparations with a balanced ratio of viscotoxins and mistletoe lectins.

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