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Mistletoe is rare on certain trees. Goal directed measures help to secure the pharmaceutical need for mistletoe in the long term.

The basis to securing the supply of mistletoe is the registration of wild sites with mistletoe-bearing and harvestable trees as well as anticipatory management of mistletoe stocks. In this respect, Iscador AG can make use of the work of the Verein für Krebsforschung ("Society for Cancer Research") which has dedicated its research and practical work also to rare mistletoe hosts such as oak and elm trees.

Climatically suitable sites with perfect soil where mistletoe-bearing trees can grow under the most protected conditions possible are required for a sustainable supply of high-quality mistletoe.

The natural spreading of mistletoe depends on certain species of birds. Mistletoe seeds can also be placed by hand on young twigs in treetops which then slowly grow into mistletoe bushes. These can be harvested 12 to 15 years later.

For sustainable management of mistletoe stocks it is also imperative to limit mistletoe growth so that the trees' vitality is not affected.

A man stands with his legs apart in the upper branches of a tree and sows mistletoes.

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