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Iscador AG consists of three divisions. The respective division managers together form the Executive Board.

We manufacture all our preparations at our headquarters in Arlesheim (Switzerland). From here, we also coordinate our worldwide distribution together with our German subsidiary.

The respective division managers are all members of the Executive Board.


Dr. Gerhard Schaller

Member of the Executive Board, Manufacturing

Our production includes all steps from plant cultivation and harvesting up to the distribution of the preparations.

All our plants grow in Switzerland, Germany and France. We harvest them by hand and freshly process them to medicinal products. We meet highest quality standards, from the selection of the plants to the control of the extracts and the active ingredients. Our whole production line follows the guidelines of Good Agriculture and Good Manufacturing Practice (GAP/GMP) and adheres to specific anthroposophical aspects and pharmaceutical processes.

We also set a strong focus on sustainability: We do not only want to harvest high-quality plants for our ongoing production but also take care of them, their host trees and the environment in the long term.

Medicine & Communication

Sarah Monz
Member of the Executive Board, Medicine & Communications

This division combines medical knowledge with competent customer service.

It is important to us to ensure patient safety and to respond to all questions and needs our customers and partners have regarding our medical preparations. By providing qualified information, we satisfy our clients and make it as easy and safe as possible for them to use our preparations.

We closely collaborate with our partners and develop trustful and sustainable long-term relationships. This is what defines us: Our strong focus on the people themselves, with all their concerns, needs and questions.


Dr. Stephan Baumgartner

Member of the Executive Board, Research & Development

We develop pharmaceuticals for the oncological field based on anthroposophical and integrative medicine. We constantly work on optimizing our existing preparations and on new products.

Apart from clinical studies, we conduct research projects in the fields of botany, microbiology, pharmacology and pharmaceutical development. Besides adhering to the common standards of preclinical and clinical research, we also consider the special aspects of anthroposophical and integrative medicine and pharmacy. For our research projects, we collaborate with both internal and external partners.

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